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Patagonian marine ecosystems can be considered sensitive to global

The Donnan component of the model is used to account for electrostatic interactions encountered for large gel-like molecules such as FA (Koopal et al., 2005). The apparent Donnan volume VD (l kg− 1) of the gel relates the molecular read more...

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Chinese loess is another well

AcknowledgementsWe are thankful to Catto, N. and Frechen, M. for their help. We are really thankful to Frechen, M. and Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics (LIAG) for the 14C and luminescence measurements in 2007. The work of Novothny, Á read more...

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Fig nbsp xA Geochronological and stratigraphic framework of the

Table 1.
3.2. Analytical procedures and data processing
3.2.1. Bulk mineralogy
Mineralogical analysis of the powdered bulk samples was performed at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences of the University of Pannonia (Ve read more...

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Fig nbsp shows a change in

3. Results and discussion
3.1. Faunal and subsistence changes
Table 1 presents, for each layer, the frequencies of vertebrate species. It shows some variations in the composition of the faunal spectrum and the frequency of species: read more...

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Norg values from three cores in

The δ13Corg AZD1152 and δ15Norg values from cores 03GHP-02, 03GHP-03, and 03GHP-04 range, respectively, from −24.5 to −21 read more...

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Unfortunately several collagen extracted from

Wolverines as a group may have included a bit of every type of prey in their diet with possibly less reindeer and muskoxen as opposed to cave lions (Fig. 9). However, contributions of the clusters H3 (essentially horses) and H4 (mammoths) wer read more...

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A major increase in diversity parameters

The influence of poorly oxygenated bottom condition and comparatively high surface productivity is reflected in the less diverse fauna, abundant low-O2 taxa and Corg rich sediment between 13 and 14.5 ka BP, a period corresponding broadly read more...